Whenever you say I am escaping Do not ever forget the crying and waiting The never-ending lonely nights late-ins. How a body became a babies’ Far from being a ladies. Trying to hold on to The cold Living room floor Do not ever forget The calling from the little wild bear Roaring out for love, … Continue reading Mom

The Invitation

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, And if you dare to dream of meeting Your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool For love, for your dreams, For … Continue reading The Invitation

Modern Hippie Days

In a split second I was – We all were – Brought back to the flowers, to the bies. To all colours, to love. To the nakedness, to freedom. It felt very natural. ”Just be free” ”The only thing you need is to let go” Then also I saw the truth. We discussed and made … Continue reading Modern Hippie Days

That Night

(Photo: Baljsfjord: Norway) I knew changes was to come That night Keeping it to myself in secret I will tell you I had tried. That night There was nowhere to hide I wondered how was to prepare That night Similar to all other nights. Like if nothing was to happened Like if: I still am denying. That … Continue reading That Night

I am Dreaming

Blurred Connections All too many Frontiers Delayed Missed Please, No more Flights Arrivals Goodbyes Cancelled Departures. A floating Infinite Don’t ever run out A dying time. Divided Whipped out Don’t ever leave me A loosing grip

I am Feeling Strong

“A feeling got left inside” My mom writes me That haven given birth to me Left her feeling strong and powerful. ”Thinking of this makes me feel strong” I have never given birth to any child. What kind of overcoming, What kind of a new world I can not imagine. ”Do you know this kind of … Continue reading I am Feeling Strong

Some Days

(Photo from google) Some days I experience the world mostly through my emotions In text form. On days where all questions all answers Everything that happens inside or around me Comes to me in lines screaming for me to write them down. If I ignore them they will stick together, impossible to separate again. Tangled up. … Continue reading Some Days

Beautiful Broken Souls

When the darkness has come And the ocean its secrets has hidden – ceremoniously I am standing in the front of my ship You, Beautiful  Broken soul.

I Call this Chapter

Icallthischapter Confusion The Devils tests. Everything is turned upside down. Twisted. Downside up. Inverted. Fading out. See-through. Something I thought was me is dying. I am hurting. Screaming. Carried away against my will. Some days I am floating empty is what I feel Scared. I do not want to be left. To surrender is what … Continue reading I Call this Chapter

Walls of Darkness

All I am searching Is love. Yet nothing can pass My walls of darkness “Why are you keeping everything inside of me dying?” As soon as I manage to take in, Everything turns into dust. And I am again trying to catch Sand running through my fingers All I can do is watching through my … Continue reading Walls of Darkness

I am Sleeping

(Photo by Saiper: The walk home) Am I sleeping? Or am I high? My world is becoming blurred. Where am I? Incense is finding its way into the plywood The woodstove is cracking The fire sparkling in orange and red colors “Please, do not burn be”   A man is lying on the floor Who … Continue reading I am Sleeping

How Could I Care?

(Photo: Mexico 2015) We had brought all supplies needed for the drive Including a dark-skinned farm worker And his kids. I thought we were never going to stop The engine kept on running The glowing sun: I felt like burning. Without making a sound. I was always the green-eyed girl Inside a white Toyota driven … Continue reading How Could I Care?

I Feel Sorry / I Love

This night I am feeling sorry. I have again let darkness destroy. The dark night, the stupid choices I made, the strength I gave up. I have brought myself back to the cave with no exit. “Sometimes I make myself become insane” I am sorry for hurting the people I love. For the story I see … Continue reading I Feel Sorry / I Love

To be Found Guilty

SOMETIMES, The action happens to not be the issue. The roots come from deeper within My actions might be good. My thoughts are guilty. I am not going to. I Want to. With or without action – My thoughts already know the answers. What I want. Who I am. I can control how I act. … Continue reading To be Found Guilty