Thoughts from a refugee world.

My dear friends.

Martin Luther King, August 28 1963: “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

(Softex refugee camp, 2016)

Since I left Greece and I arrived back in Canada I have been wanting to try to write about the experiences I had over the past 6 months working in a refugee camp in Greece.

I am a huge believer in sharing of knowledge.
I believe that it is one of the duties as being a human: that we speak our truth and present it with calmness to our world – so that the important matters does not remain in silence.
So that we can learn from each other!
So that we can keep putting attention to – and awareness about – cases that truly matters!

What is important for me to share with you – what I can share – is something that is below numbers and statistics and articles ( this is information that are being given to us every single day – that most of us, if we wanted to, all would have access to) and something that is above politics and governments and such.

I feel like sharing the thoughts that has been created in me: As being a normal, 24 year old girl from one of the riches parts of the world (Denmark) and how my perception slowly has started changing of What is truly important in my life and which things I should actually be concerned about and which not.


For the past months I have not been feeling like writing or expressing myself much.
I most certainly felt like if I finally had to express myself – now was the time!
The only problem was, that I just felt like I could not.
It was like my quota was used up.
Words did not come to me – or if they did, they showed up with such power and intensity – and anger!  – that they got tangled up with each other before I was able to capture them.

Everything around me was so powerful and real that there was no way I could possibly  describe to anyone how I felt.

For the first time in my life, I truly found myself on the outside of myself.

It hit me how self observed I have been for the last couple of years.

It hunted me: How the majorities of the actions I have been taking in my life through out the last years, the art projects and writings I have done – all have been flowing around my “I”, all has taken its roots in my “I” and all has been mostly concerned about the wellbeing of my “I”.

I felt ashamed and surprised.

How could I have lived in such denial for so long?

How could I have closed my eyes towards the pain and suffering of the world for so long?

How come, had I made speeches after speeches of what “the right thing to do” was and believed that was enough, but first now at an age of 24, actually taken any sort of real step to take action?

Oh friends.. We truly live in these media times when sharing an article or commenting on a post can be equalized in our head with actually doing something. with taking action.
This can never be enough.

There was a period when I was having a very hard time allowing creativity ( that usually is the main thing I am driven by) to take place in my life. Dancing, writing, creating.

These sort of things did not feel important at all.


(softex camp, 2016)

Everything that was more important than me!
Everything that was more important than stupid art and writings!
And therefor: because no matter how we put it will any kind of art projects and writings always to a certain degree be concerned about – and take place in – the ego, I remained mostly in silence.
Nevertheless, I think we should never stop creating, or expressing what we feel is important to be expressed! It has never been more important than we do so!

NOW is the time to express and share the REAL truths with the world!

What is important that we remind ourselves is this:
What do we believe is important to be expressed?

What do we want to put focus on through the work and the things we in our every day lives? 

Lets talk about what REALLY is happening in our world today!
How we can do our best for terrible events to turn around.

These events, these happenings in the world that will NOT just “solve themselves out just fine” ( as a friend told me the other day) nor go away because we “feel bad” – if we do not all start to participate in a new change!!

They will only go away if we start expressing: This is real!

They will only go away if we keep pushing, talking about , and expressing what is real –

We do need to take action. NOW.

If I got asked the question today
: “What is the biggest change you feel inside of yourselves after haven worked in refugee camps?”

I would answer: “The biggest change I feel inside of myself is coming to the awareness about that there are more important things to only be concerned about than what I “feel inside of myself”.

The biggest change I feel is coming to an understanding that there are more important things to be concerned about than what spins around my sun, only.
The biggest change I feel inside of myself has been to be brought outside of myself.”



Lets show through different art forms, how the spinning around our own sun can expand to spinning around all others sun! And mainly the suns where the heavy dark clouds are making them impossible to shine as they could.

I am sharing with you a poem I wrote about my own thoughts – on a subject that has nothing to do with me.
I would like to share this with you.

This poem is about how I found myself in fenced in camps in Greece consisting human beings this winter and to try in some sort of way to express how it made me feel.


If I had any words left now

I would give my only voice

To the family and my friends

we took it away from.


If I felt like I had any words that could be enough –

I would write you stories.

Non fiction stories from the life of today

From an abandoned fabric building far away:

Stories from the living humans we are letting suffer and rot in silence.


I would write you stories

Stories about war.

About losses, about tears, and of a pain so deep that it is eating itself up.

If I felt like I had any words left
I would write you stories, my friend.


Stories about beautiful human connections. Stories about love.

Stories about how we are all the same and responsible for each other

I would tell you about the magic that rises underneath you

when different cultures and religions meet

In peace and curiosity

wanting to understand one another.


If I felt I had any more to say

I would whisper stories in your ears about strength.

An incredible strength I have now seen within humans.

I would tell you a never ending story about the people who are waiting

The decision that made it be so

 And of the choice

that were never given.


If I felt I had any words that could describe

I would tell you how I feel

when I see a little girl in a supermarket

I look at her playing,

All I see is children running around in the dirt.

Fenced in and hidden away

How I often wondered

How this can be so?

what kinds of things

these little humans have been seeing in their lives?

Bombing and death and destruction.

What kind of future they will have?

 Also they are children.


If I felt like I had any words left

I would exchange with you my words

So you could have the photos inside of me

I would play for you the movie in my soul

that burns

its way through my skin


If I had any words left

I would give them away.


I would give my only voice

To my friends

To you

Where no one ever listened

To you

We took your voice away.

If I had any words left


I would tell you about a nightmare I am waiting to wake up from./

I would tell you about a dream I am waiting for the world to wake up from./

I would tell you about that place where dreams does not exist/


I would give my voice away.