Gypsy Skirts

13305088_10207903035786621_3749109970219583516_oYesterday I finished putting together these skirts and dress.

They are made out of other skirts that I had taken apart. The dress was just a plane green dress that I ‘braided in’ and added details to..

I never thought I could sew — but a couple of days ago when I was alone at my friend’s house and I was feeling anxious and hurt and did not wanted to see anybody – I sad down in front of my friend’s sewing machine and ‘forced’ myself to start.

I broke at least 4 needles. And I had to go out and smoke .. quite a bit more than usual.. to not
get frustrated with the machine that I not always could go to do what i wanted.. But slowly I started getting a hang of it.

I did not end up leaving the sewing room till yesterday .

I was so stoked when I saw what my little imagination and hands had created 🙂

I was so excited that I ended up rushing home — running to my neighbour in my little trailer park – my good friend Honalee – and I said:

“Honalee! Will you like to be my model tomorrow? lets get wild, I will bring my clothes. Lets take some photos together!”

IMG_6966So today we went on a little mission – and that turned into these great photes (please be aware that nudity is a part of these photos). No nudity? See some of the photos here.

It was quite simple — let me say I am a very beginner at sewing.

But if you want to know more – I can tell you how I did it.

… We can create so much more than we think we can – if we just let our imagination run free and wild 🙂🙂 YAY!!

See my photos about this here (with nudity) →

See my photos about this here (no nudity) →


3 thoughts on “Gypsy Skirts

  1. ericsaumur says:

    You give the impression of being a person who is so filled with creativity and passion that it bursts out painfully without letter her rest. The worlds needs people like that to wake it up from its conformist slumber. You are impressive both for your creativity and passion and for your strength in bearing what it demands of you. Keep building that strength. You deserve whatever you can grasp.


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