YES, this is my female body. NO I am not ashamed

Previous this week my photos from the album I had created on Facebook and called:

“Celebration of the beautiful – natural, naked – woman body”
got reported to Facebook security.

The next time I tried to lock into my account I could not.

Instead I was a given a warning from Facebook.

“Remove any violating photos” It said.

Either you delete all photos containing any nudity, or we will delete your Facebook account.

Not surprisingly.

I knew it was a matter of time before my photos would be reported.
(Photos to be found at the end of this blog post)

I know Facebooks guidelines concerning nudity. I know many artists whom in the past have been trying to share their work (photos, videos etc) of the naked human body with their network on Facebook – but with same result as my attempt had.

A couple of years ago the Danish writer Peter Øvig Knudsen tried to share his photos from his book: “Hippie 1 – Tre år og 74 dage der forandrede Danmark” (three years and 74 days that changed Denmark)

Øvig is in his book describing and telling the story about the Thy camp in Denmark in the 1970th ( – and the hippie days in Denmark during that time.

His book contains a fiew photos. Humans from the Thy camp and their every day life. Human with – and without – clothes on.

But Facebook said no. And so did apple, for that sake.
Apple denied to sell Øvigs book.

Any photos containing nudity is against the policy.

“We restrict the display of nudity because some audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content – particularly because of their cultural background or age,” the policy states.


Cultural background – That makes sense.

Respect for different cultures and religion. I am aware that nudity in many regions is restricted to only happen when being intimate with a husband.

But if start talking about respect for different cultural backgrounds and content that Facebook audience might be sensitive to:


How come are these photos allowed then?

How come does it take me 10 seconds on Facebook to find millions of Facebook pages containing hardcore nudity (if “nudity” even is the right world to use here) just where no nipple is being showed? No vagina?

Is it not very interesting that Facebook is stating that they restrict nudity due to sensitivity concerning ages? I am guessing they here are referring to minors.

So it is way better for children and teenagers – any ages – to be approached to pornography, than to our natural naked body?

Something is very messed up.

It almost feels at time that Facebook and apple – and other big companies – are making this gap in their policy on purpose – supporting the big million dollars industries like: the porn industry, the fashion industry.

Lets leave these questions here.

I do not wish to go further into this debate now.
There is nothing I can do to change Facebooks policy anyway.

BUT what I do think we can do, and what I try to help encourage others to do:
I think we together “can take back our body” – back from porn, back from the body as being insulting (what?), back from us being ashamed of our skin.

Especially I would like to see us win the female body back

To those whom do not know already, the woman in the photos I had chosen to share photos of on Facebook was of myself.

It started out as being my own experiment.

Non of my photos contained anything I myself will consider as being pornographic. ( you can decide yourself) Non of the photos were edited in any way, (except maybe the temperature of the colours) no professionals had been used for my “project”, I was not making any money on any of it.

My photos are nothing special. But I have a message to share.

I wish to share my photos of my own naked body on medias – especially now on Facebook, and here is why:



Why do I like to take photos of naked women?

Why do I like to post photos of myself naked?

Why am I so interested in the female body in general?

Society has been teaching us women to be scared of our own body.

I remember a family member (a child) telling me half a year ago that she never showered after gym in school. When I asked her why, she said:

“Naja, no one else does that. I don’t like it.. I change when I come home”

When I posted my first video of myself dancing half a year ago where I happened to be without a bra on – a bigger group of people than I thought in the first place seemed to be choked by it. And somehow angry at me as well.

“How can you?”

“That is so inappropriate”

“You shouldn’t posts photos of yourself like that”


But why?

Why should I be ashamed of my own body?

Why is my natural body – any female body – “inappropriate” – pornographic – never something kids should be approached to? (I believe we teach our kids to fear their bodies by constantly hiding up our own)

Why is the female body never something to show to anyone else than to a partner and to close friends?

Through advertisements and the fashion industry have we been told that there is more or less one way the female body should look like.

You should always wish something was different. Always.

And by that, I believe we have started seeing our own body as an object, something outside of us. Something that has to fit an ideal – and not something very subjective.

I believe we have stopped seeing our body as this beautiful part of who we are.

I grew up with teenage girls having eating disorders – constantly thinking their bodies needed to be change.

I use to cut myself and work out like a maniac in the gym.

It took me a long time to change the way I view my  own body ( in my previous blog posts I am writing more about this)

Later in my early adult life and throughout the years I have met very few women whom truly are 100% comfortable with their naked natural body – whom know they are so beautiful, because beauty comes from within( !?) – whom know they are so beautiful because we all are gifted this amazing body, that is perfect because only one sample of this particular body exists.

That our body exactly is beautiful for its small marks, scars, the extra kilos on the side – or not – the beautiful big breasts – or small breasts – for however we were born to have it to look like – and to embrace it.
That our body becomes beautiful when we are caring it with proudness?


I am sick of feeling that a naked woman body is equal with pornography.

My natural body is not porn! The female body is not porn!!

And no one own us more, we are not less – for showing of our bodies, if we want to!

Are you listening world??

Do not try to turn our beautiful female body into porn!!  Do not try to make us ashamed of showing our body – because:
“its too much”, “You are sending the wrong impressions”
Do not try to make my strength and value as a woman lower because I choose to embrace my body and show photos of it.

You can try with me as much as you want, but it will not work.

I know my own worth. I know my own boundaries. I do not get naked in front of everybody.
(what I do on media is something I consider as being art. I do not walk around naked every day.)

I can never be “less” or loose value for showing my body on medias if I want to – or to whom I want to.

And so can nobody else’s loose value  – only gain – by us embracing ourselves.

Now – I will fight on the behalf of women in this world – to bring our bodies back!

Back from porn! Back from insecurities and from me being ashamed of myself!


I like to provoke.
I like everything that can shake our boxes and feelings of right and wrong up.

Because why is something wrong?
How come do we think something is appropriate and something is not?
Why are we viewing the female body the way we are?

The more I think about these questions, the more I feel like – well:

“Because we were taught to”

“Because society tells us so”

“Because these viewpoints has become a part of who we are.
We have stopped questioning them and are continuously considering them as being right and the only truth”

If we start to think more critical about these opinions we have upon nudity, I think we will come far. Fx – a very common attitude to nudity (and especially female nudity):

A naked body showed off – outside a bedroom .. – is insulting. Especially to kids.

Since when did we let our world put this crazy idea into our head –  viewing one of the most natural things in our lifes – our bodies – as being insulting?

We need to provoke each other a bit more.

Wake up!!!

Do we want to keep agreeing to this?


On the side of buses in Denmark where there for a while hanging posters of a woman.


Or.. Well… We could not see her face – or any other body parts or smile for that sake – but we knew it had to be a woman, because the only thing shown in the photo was: her breasts.

A giant advertisement with the words underneath it ( on most of the posters):

“Get new breasts and make Juttland ( a part of Denmark ) beautiful”

An advertisement for a plastic surgery clinic.


So this is okay!

It is okay to have photos of naked women whom have change their bodies through surgeries hanging up in public?
It is totally okay to allow big companies to encourage women to change their bodies?
It is totally okay to spam the Internet and magazines with photos of big porn stars and top models whom have had their photos manipulated with, their body changed through strict diets or extreme workouts?


It is not okay to have women breastfeeding in public?

It is not okay for a woman to take off her top on the beach – or in any other situation where a man would do?

It is not okay to just have:

A normal natural naked woman body?

Recently Mathilde Grafstroems ( a Danish artist) “exhibition combating negative self-image in a square in Copenhagen” got closed down by the police.

( Grafstroems website:!female-beauty/mainPage)


“I take my photos to show young women that they are more beautiful than they think. I show the woman that she is beautiful, and that way I can help her to accept herself,” she told Denmark’s TV2.

“Police have denied permission for her photos to be displayed in Copenhagen’s Nytorv square, with Grafström filing a complaint against them and condemning their view of the female body as “offensive”.


Talking about powerful institution like facebook: here is an example of how the government allow one thing but does not allow the other.

Photos of breasts from a plactic surgery: Yep!

Photos of a natural naked woman: No thank you.

I know a lot of feminists disagree with me trying to fight for more “power for  women” as I call it (I hate this feminist world) – for trying to bring strength back to women and to encourage to embrace herself,  through nudity.

But every time I think about this I keep returning to the voices in my head saying:

“But why should we not celebrate our beautiful female body?”

“Is it not by time that we rise up and tell the world that we are proud of our amazing bodies – that we think they are gorgeous?

BECAUSE they are natural, because of that our body has not been changed?

Is it not by time that we concur our own natural body back from the porn industry – that we show the world who owns our bodies ( and not industires!), that out body can be so sensual – if we want to! And we feel free to let it be so! – but that it is not just equal with pornography – something there is put into this world to please almost? “


I like to use nudity in my fighting to change the way women view themselves and their bodies.

Nudity to me is powerful. “In your face”. No way out.

Humans – and womens – whom are proud of their own body and are not ashamed of any part of themselves have always been empowering to me. I find these woman strong and beautiful, no matter how their bodies look like – where there is this special strength shining out from their eyes.


Different things will be encouraging for different people.

To me – being a woman – female nudity is empowering. I love taking photos of naked woman, and I love taking photos of my own body.

For others it want be. And so is that. We are different.

I think we need a 1000 ways of fighting these matters – not just one.



I like dancing a lot and sometimes to dance naked in the wild, in the forest. That’s what I sometimes take photos of.

I feel very deeply dancing in nature that my body is not being owned by anyone else than me. That I am one with nature and so is my body – that my body is flowing and becoming one with nature – gaining is naturalness back – through dancing.

I hear the wind blowing in the trees, the rivers, the snow falling.

By taking photos of my body surrendering ,I hope to be able to help turn the female body back to nature – to the natural – to the raw and wild.


LETS support each other as women! Lets stop fighting each other! Lets encourage each other and show the world how proud we are of us self, of our beautiful body.


Is our female body really that frightening? That wrong? That pornographic?


Come on…

It is a body.

That is all it is. A female body. Half of us have one.

AND it is a BEAUTIFUL body that WE OWN


See my photos for this post here →


109 thoughts on “YES, this is my female body. NO I am not ashamed

  1. Russ says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and your beautiful spirit. You are a very beautiful woman and you look absolutely amazing. Again, thank you so much for sharing yourself and your thoughts, you are truly an amazing woman.


  2. Michael says:

    The only true perversion in the universe is our ignorant self-enforced censorship of nature. Thank you for being a strong leader and helping society overcome our oppression. By taking ownership of what our bodies mean to the world around us, we earn this freedom that is our natural birthright.


  3. Nick Alimonos says:

    Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe. Our culture of body shaming continues to have a harmful effect on our youth and on women particular. Facebook’s policy, among others, perpetuates the notion that the human body is a thing to be lusted after, an object to stimulate desire, a product to be bought and sold on porn sites; in effect, the nudity taboo dehumanizes us. I have long maintained that to undo this harm, people like yourself must find the courage to say, “I am not ashamed—because there is nothing to be ashamed of, my body represents my humanity and that is all,” and there is no better way to show than by showing this. Like yourself, you can find naked pics of me on my blog. Just Google my name.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Dirk Benning says:

    Beautiful Pictures. A good site with interesting Posts. Every nacked Body is a beautiful Body !!!! Please keep it up … 🙂


  5. Jona says:

    I’ve been surfing online more than three hours
    today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.

    It’s pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will
    be much more useful than ever before.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. William says:

    Well let me attempt to explain why Facebook attacked you so swiftly but leaves others alone. Many groups and pages that have porn on them are private pages so not just anyone can look at them. Thus is makes it difficult for the page or group to be reported. In other cases the porn page or group is deemed as a legal page due to the fact that it is owned by a porn magazine or a porn star, and so porn is to be expected.


  7. Jack says:

    I’ll right away grasp your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink
    or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me realize so that I
    may subscribe. Thanks.


  8. Bare Beach Bum says:

    There is a simple solution to the Facebook situation–Don’t have a Facebook account! I don’t and I don’t miss it. You have a wonderful venue on WordPress to celebrate your freedom and beauty so use it. Keep pushing the boundaries to educate. Years ago I gave up caring who saw me nude or even if they photographed me nude. I am proud of myself so why feel shame about my body. We need to encourage more people to feel this way. Keep up the wonderful work!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Edgars Freibergs (@Nightshade_Nine) says:

    Very lovely pics.

    But to be honest those pics would not have been reported or removed from Facebook if you did one simple thing. Cover the nipples.

    Facebook’s rules are pretty straight forward. You CAN post nude pics. If they do not show the nipple, the private parts are blurred out of focus and no crack of the but is showing. That’s the rule.

    I post tons of artistic nudes all the time at Facebook. In 4 years I’ve never gotten a removal notice or ban because of it. Because I simply follow their rule.

    Facebook’s rules are stupid I know but. But Facebook is a private company and your using their product. They have a right to make the rules.


    • Anonymous says:

      And not even one nudity pic of “less” beautiful women…like, older or fatter
      ??? It easy to be young and naked with perfect budy…
      To me, it Seems like you more worship your beauty then overcoming shame or whatever by being nude
      sorry…that what’s in my mind 😦


      • Per Verse Poetry says:

        I agree that the whole Facebook philosophy is mixed up. But I suppose they have to draw the line somewhere. I agree that if men can show their nipples so should women be allowed to. Unfortunately I think this is a rule more to prevent those who would abuse the system. If they allowed women’s bare breasts to be on why not full nudity? If Nude women why not nude men? If Nude men why not with erect penises? If erect penises why not people making love? I would also argue that if they allow some of the images in the fetish groups then why not nudity but I believe most of those are closed or private groups. You could also argue why let scenes of violence, real or fiction, be allowed on FB. Surely images of loving couples is a much better message and I would agree.

        At the end of the day though, I would go with the writer who said if that is FB’s attitude then fine. We’re not going to change it so don’t waste energy fighting it. I’ve long ago stopped being all evangelical about it. I go naked where and when I can with or without anyone around me. If others want to join in then fine. If not, no problem as long as I’m not doing it where I am breaking the law.”Do what thou will an it harm none.”


  10. John Martens says:

    Great article! We shared it on our nude beach Facebook page and our admin team were promptly banned from Facebook for 3 days. That isn’t going to stop us though. We are posting it on our regular website!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing..yourself 🙂
    It is wonderful to see like-minded people and their comments of support and praise for your case and conviction!
    Your images are beautiful, I relate.

    In the face of today’s societal ignorance and twisted morals…may your journey continue with grace!



  12. Charles says:

    You are so right about the human ( mostly women’s) body being turned into a source of lust and shame in our western civilisation. There are many causes to explain that ( Christians sexual morality, rationalistic opposition between mind (pure) and body (inferior, evil),the patriarcal society, etc. ), but nonetheless it still does a lot of psychological damage to a lot of littles girls ( and certain boys to an extent) that will never completely be comfortable with who they are anb what they look like. Congrats for your courage standing up to this cause !


  13. Tony says:

    To begin with, obviously a beautiful woman and figure, (shame you don’t shave downstairs completely) but the words you speak, incredibly accurate and interesting. I really want to see and hear more of your details, You just speak like no other woman I know. Your very interesting, and the sexy bit helps as well 😉


    • Per Verse Poetry says:

      Oh Tony. As soon as I read your posting I felt it was loaded with innuendo. Why is it a shame she doesn’t shave her pubic region completely? Shame for who? For you? Why? Certainly no shame for Naja as I’m sure she would if she wanted to. Is it a fetish of yours to see women who are completely shaved? While it is lovely to see a woman as confident and free in her own skin as Naja is, she is not, as far as I know,doing it for our pleasure or anyone else’s. You really want to see and hear more of her details….beginning to sound very predatory to me Tony. Almost like you wan to possess Naja. Confine her. If I’m wrong, which I hope I am, then I apologise but that is how your posting comes across to me. You even finish off by mentioning a “sexy bit helps”. Helps what?


  14. Bill says:

    I’ve been surfing on-line greater than three
    hours nowadays, but I by no means discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours.
    It’s lovely value enough for me. In my opinion, if all
    website owners and bloggers made just right content material as you probably did, the internet might be a lot more useful than ever before.


  15. Michael says:

    I really enjoyed your story Najayana. I too believe that there is nothing wrong with taking nude pics and posting them on facebook, twitter or any other social media whether it be female or male. The united states has made it to sexualized with nudity and I feel that is not right. I have been a nudist for 20 years. I find your reasons for being naked and for enjoying the outdoors and nature nude to be very much the same as mine. I really feel you are someone I would enjoy chatting with sometime if you get a moment. Sounds like you are a busy person but look me up and who knows maybe we can start a good friendship together.



  16. Anonymous says:

    Obscenity is a very subjective thing. There are many people who would think a picture is obscene while you may not see anything wrong with it. To accomodate these people there are rules that give an objective definition to what is not obscene.
    This is usually if there are no women’s nipples, genitalia, or butt crack, an image is not obscene and can be shown to people without having to warn them before they see it.


  17. Lucy Anderson says:

    Wonderful. The one thing that defines whether something is obscene or empowering is an individual’s attitude. Women don’t objectify themselves by showing their naked body, they are only objectified by those who choose that attitude and perspective. It’s awful that we as the human race are told to be disgusted by the one thing that is entirely natural to us, our own bodies.
    I blog over @

    Liked by 3 people

  18. howtolookoknaked says:

    I think some men are threatened by a naked female body. It is like in their minds they say “Oh shit, I have to control myself!” I think they get off on controlling others and being able to do what they want.
    Being a male, I find this aspect of male domination weak. I find this weakness gets in the way of our potential and unfairly suppresses women. We don’t on the whole benefit from this. We shouldn’t do it.
    I find your photos to be far removed from porn. I find the photos that facebook allowed to be much ruder and sexualised than any other photos in this article. Acceptance on nudity on a wider scale has benefits. We would be wise and better off if we did.


  19. Moe says:

    Religion. Adam and Eve were ashamed when they ‘realized’ they were naked and started to frantically cover themselves. Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam all share this story, and that’s most humans. As a kid I heard this story, believed it, and took it for ‘common sense.’ You’re right, many things are ‘wrong’ just because someone ancient decided it was wrong, taught their kids, and their kids taught their kids, and so on. Kids tend to trust their parents, and also feel ashamed when their mind questions their parents’ judgment, especially at a young age, but most people carry that shame to the grave.

    Good for you for having a strong voice and speaking against the common insanity.


  20. Hecate says:

    Naja, these were just the words I was needing to hear. I am a nude model and have been facing a lot of push back from family and friends telling me that I don’t respect myself for enjoying being photographed in the nude, despite my photos being powerful and beautiful artworks. With the help of my feminist friends and mentors, I have received encouragement and support that has helped me build courage, and definitely from other feminists like you, I am absolutely inspired and know that your words are right, and we WILL reclaim the female body! Thank you for agitating this world as well, it warms my soul to know that I have women alongside me for the fight.


  21. trlinde says:

    Not just the female body but also the male body that has been met with the commercial urgings to conform. Too much hair, not enough hair. Too many or not enough muscles. All the same and more of the caterings to the commercial desires to fit in.
    Just to sit, relax, or be yourself even in your own home unclothed it frowned upon by society. Granted there are some activities that just don’t mix with bare skin, cooking bacon, using a string trimmer. The list of things that can be done bare though is a long one. Yet natural is not viewed as the natural way. Many people are even brainwashed to the point that they have to get dressed just to go to bed. Has society become so commercialized that they’ve made natural the unnatural simply because they can’t sell it, or market it ? Kind of like how commodities like water and dirt can be sold simply because they can no longer be found in a natural form. That is the way the body is becoming, bare skin can no longer be seen naturally so they sell it along with ways to cover it or change it. Just like water. Nature has been made into a commodity. Naturist resorts will become the natural habitat zoos of the future.
    Do all you can to remind people that they are who they are and they must embrace themselves and enjoy the natural self, they’ll be happier for it.


  22. Anonymous says:

    The natural naked body (of both sexes) should be celebrated in none sexual ways. My objection is sites like Facebook etc will show images of bullying and killings of both people and animal and say that is fine BUT panic over a none sexual picture of the Naked human body. Something seems very wrong with the system.


  23. BareBreastBeauty says:

    Thanks for such a lovely article, you are the voice of reason. All to often in enough Western cultures, nudity is sexualized unnecessarily. The human body is a work of art and when some have the urge it can satisfy sexual release as well. Hopefully, more parents will teach their children that our nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of, only to be protected against those who are twisted in their own minds.

    I’m not a naturist though I’m interested in visiting a naturists community one of these days. However, I do enjoy braless and topless and don’t plan to stop any time soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. says:

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  25. Warren Armstead, Jr. says:

    This claims, Thanks also to Ms. N. Narayana for that this i of her said columns for her said ‘ ‘ Blog ( SHORT for ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Weblog ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ) ‘ ‘ for ‘ ‘ WordPress ‘ ‘ on that that’s so also of life also with her with it now here and that that’s NOT so also also of life also with her with it now here STILL recounts also that in this case also, ” ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Yes, This Is The Writer’s Female Body Herself…. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” but then next CONCEDES also that in this case also, ” ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ NO, The Writer Herself Is NOT ASHAMED ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” for herself for herself, for ANYONE whosoever accepts also that this even claims also, Thanks also to Ms. N. Narayana for that this i of her said accounts for her said ‘ ‘ Blog ( SHORT for ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Weblog ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ) ‘ ‘ for ‘ ‘ WordPress ‘ ‘ on that that’s so also of life also with her with it now here and that that’s NOT so also of life also with her with it now here STILL recounts also that in this case also, ” ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Yes, This Is The Writer’s Female Body Herself…. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” but then next CONCEDES also that in this case also, ” ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ NO, The Writer Herself Is NOT ASHAMED ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” him/herself for him/herself, for fans, for readers, for visitors, for others also and even for us, too….


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